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Monash University ratings

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A little bit about Monash

Monash has several campuses in Melbourne (Victoria), including Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula and Parkville as well as a campus in Malaysia.

Monash has a large range of courses across most disciplines and in 2016 had over 73,000 enrolments. It's most popular (highest attended) is Clayton campus.

We have a range of uni reviews from Monash across most of the topics, including Arts, Humanities and Law, Business Management and Commerce, Education, Engineering, Health, IT & Sciences.

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I found this course had some good content and teachers. I found subjects were really practical in my future career in finance, while others (sometimes core subjects) were pretty pointless.

I think providing more practical elements would have helped in certain subjects - this would help students develop a solid portfolio of work after graduating. Opportunities to connect with employers were pretty low.

Teaching staff were knowledgable, however, sometime examples and projects used were a little old.

University life is good and it was good to be part of a large community.

Completed in 2009

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The business subject were very textbook heavy. I would have liked to have had more practise in a real world situation.

Completed in 2017

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Nothing Positive to say - monotonous course. Nothing new learnt

Completed in 2017

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The course was OK, very theoretical. I did a marketing major which was interesting, although that and the other business subjects were very textbook heavy.

I'm neutral about whether I'd recommend it. The Uni is pretty good with a good new library and decent facilities.

I would have liked to have had more practical real world experience, scenarios, examples.

Completed in 2017

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The course major (marketing) is good and interesting but I feel most of the subjects don't go in depth enough. I wonder whether this depth might be missing for potential employment later.

The course is ok. I'm neutral about whether I'd recommend it.

Completed in 2019

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Positive is that some lecturers and tutors were engaging and the content was structured very well, easy to put things together
Whereas some negative were the resources provided, Swinburne had the lecture slides on one side and teachers scribbles on the next, and you can see the teacher so you know where to follow
Whereas Monash didn't have it, it only had voice recordings or PowerPoint only, you can see if the lecturer are doing workings out

Completed in 2016

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I did marketing / management majors

Positives - we covered international studies & culture which has been really beneficial when entering the workplace. We covered basic lifeskill units such as accounting, finance, economics etc so that was also helpful.

Negatives - my course was very theory heavy and lacked practicality and workplace experience.

My advice to future students is: make sure that you enroll in the workplace experience units, these will teach you far more than just textbook

Completed in 2016

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I'm doing a banking and finance major.

My course provides a very good insight of the business market especially for my major.

My advice to future students is: Do as much research and outside reading as you can particularly for a finance major.

Completed in 2018

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Broad range of majors and subjects on offer although it's all seems very theoretical. Although, I'm not sure how well placed this will put me for a job when I graduate.

The lecturers and tutors were experienced making the quality of teaching quite high. They could incorporate more practical exercises.

My advice to future students is: Monash has a great offering to students and is a great university to be a part of.

Completed in 2019

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I'm doing a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Banking and Finance (double degree)

Positive: I am quite interested in the course so far. The tutors and lecturers seem to be great at what they do. The workload isn't too bad at the moment.

Negative: The communication between tutors and students is limited and there is little direction regarding homework and out of uni study. Also, I don't really like the workshop set up

My advice to future students is: The advice I would offer is to do a course that you're are interested in, regardless of the ATAR. Also to go to all course information days and enrolment days.

Completing in 2022

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