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Monash University reviews

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Monash University ratings

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A little bit about Monash

Monash has several campuses in Melbourne (Victoria), including Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula and Parkville as well as a campus in Malaysia.

Monash has a large range of courses across most disciplines and in 2016 had over 73,000 enrolments. It's most popular (highest attended) is Clayton campus.

We have a range of uni reviews from Monash across most of the topics, including Arts, Humanities and Law, Business Management and Commerce, Education, Engineering, Health, IT & Sciences.

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I'm currently studying criminology in Monash University Clayton Campus

Positive aspects: It has a wide variety of criminological aspects that we can delve in as a student and the lectures have been informative and quite succinct making it easy ...

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-International oppertunities like study tours abroad and internships overseas.
-amazing staff who are knowledgeable and successful in there own right
-great facilities/modern campus
-great range of subjects on offer

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Positives were the subject content and a few lecturers/tutors who were very engaged and helpful.

Negatives was lack of guidance in terms of career paths, and future pathways.

My advice to future students is: Seek out course advice as often ...

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Positive : there is a lot of interesting information to learn and great teachers there for support. I honestly feel like I am being educated.

Negative : with arts you have to be willing to put in time and effort to actually get the most you ca...

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Positives: very engaging, quality curriculum, everything is posted online which is a necessity for me
negatives: travel times for me are long

My advice to future students is: ask themselves if that course really offers what they want

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Positive- student subject selection is incredibly varied and diverse
Negative- arts faculty can be limiting in providing funding for students

My advice to future students is: To do your readings!

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Positives: The University has a great reputation, is very well connected internationally (it has campuses in South Africa as well as Malaysia, as well as a study centre in Italy), and the academics that delivered the course were obviously great in...

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Positive: I gained a lot of likeminded friends on campus and enjoyed the campus atmosphere. It's a small campus with a smaller student than the larger campus in Clayton, so it's a bit easier to get to know people there. I also enjoyed the variety ...

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The positives is that I get a lot out of my major but I wish that I felt that way about the overall course. I feel like a lot of the electives are just filler content

My advice to future students is: Don’t stress about your atar, focus more on ...

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A positive aspect of the course would be how broad it is. As an indecisive person, I found it important to ensure I wouldn't feel 'boxed' into a certain subject or area.

With arts, I'm able to pursue many aspects of my interests like Politics ...

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