Bachelor of Economics

Monash University

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Bachelor Degree
Clayton, Melbourne
86.0 ATAR
3 Years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
10,958 Annual Fees (Domestic)
43,400 Annual Fees (International)
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Course Description

Learn to use economic theories and econometric modelling to figure out how the economy is operating and identify and communicate the impacts of government policies in domestic and international environments.

Focus on Economics and Economic Policy to develop knowledge of economic theories and mathematical/econometric modelling, and how these are used to develop and support public policy. You will apply economic theories and analytical tools to policy outcomes and identify and communicate the impact of government policies.
Focus on Mathematical Economics and Econometrics to formulate and test economic propositions in complex environments. You will develop skills in econometric models and methodologies and learn to evaluate economic theories using empirical data.

Economics graduates are sought after in many industries, including the environment and sustainability, finance, transport, aviation, health in the private and public sector.

Business, Business Strategy, Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, Economics and Economic Policy, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Mathematics.


The type of careers this qualification may lead to include; Econometrics careers and Economics careers.

Start Dates
Semester one (February) Semester two (July)
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