Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Monash University

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Bachelor Degree
Clayton, Melbourne
86.0 ATAR
3 Years Full-Time
(or Part-Time equivalent)
10,958 Annual Fees (Domestic)
43,400 Annual Fees (International)
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Course Description

Actuarial science will teach you how to apply your mathematical talent to the commercial world. Actuaries identify, analyse and assess risk. They use mathematical and econometric models to forecast real-life scenarios, such as the likelihood of economic or property losses and their impacts on insurance premiums, or managing superannuation investments or working across financial consulting. The skills you will develop in probability modelling and risk analysis have many rewarding applications in the real world.

Graduates will be able to seek employment in international finance and a wide range of business fields dealing with risk and prediction. You could also find yourself in a range of government-related jobs in regulatory control, workers' compensation, education and other areas. Some actuaries work with large companies on long-term strategic planning.

Actuarial Science, Actuarial studies, Business, Commerce, Econometrics, Statistics.


The type of careers this qualification may lead to include; Superannuation, Insurance, Risk management, Financial consulting, Investment banking, Strategic planning

Start Dates
Semester one (February) Semester two (July)
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