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The facilities and tools available to students are expansive and work to make student simple and efficient. If you need help there are a myriad of options ready for you.

A negative, however, would be that many classes and lectures start quite late during the day, with few alternatives, the unit also seems to be a little bit short staffed

My advice to future students is: If you're poor at organisation like myself there are lots of great apps to put on your phone to help you, many even recommended by the uni. Also go to lectures lol

Completing in 2020

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I did a major in Business Information Systems - Positive is that it is general. I had to do coding and other technical things. I also had the business side of IT as well. Negative was that it was boring at times

My advice to future students is: Find mates and stick with them. Become study buddies

Completed in 2016

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