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Positives: Macquarie University in particular focuses on the social aspects of education some universities may not cover. After my first year of study I felt politically enlightened on the social effects of education e.g mass education, disabilities, lower socio economic status. A major focus is held upon theories of teaching and how to allow students to learn in their own way. Being a progressive degree, you discover many new and inventive ways to be informative not only in the classroom but in greater society

Negatives: You must have imaginative ideas when lesson planning. Lessons should not be focused on dictation and writing notes because many students do not learn this way. The biggest challenge of this degree is working on your feet to be inventive

My advice to future students is: Make a study plan and follow it. Write down key ideas, key philosophers and key terminologies and study them hard and in depth. The same things pop up in many units where you will cover concepts in more depth each time. Enable yourself to learn

Completing in 2020

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Positives: It gives students freedom to select how many units to complete per semester

Negatives: I can’t think of any at the moment

My advice to future students is: Study hard during the semester so you don’t cram in the last week

Completed in 2019

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I don’t have any negative comment I wish I could stay in this course forever!!! I love it

My advice to future students is: DO NOT FORGET YOUR PEN

Completed in 2019

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