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Positives: The diversity in majors. The lectures are great. You’re given every chance to better yourself and your skills. It’s a great overall experience and my major makes it all worthwhile

Negatives: It has a stigma around it being a useless ...

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Positives- Lots of variety in courses, very relevant and updated course materials as per the current times, very knowledgable and educated faculty with Phd's etc., lots of career counselling also given to support your studying.

Negatives- Somet...

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Positive - Good faculty, great infrastructure, good subjects to choose from, very relevant assignments/cases, lot of good resources offered for support studying should you need it.

Negatives - Not very good scholarships offered, sometimes class...

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Positives: It can be done online

Negatives: No face to face

My advice to future students is: Do only 1 or 2 subjects per semester for masters as it requires a lot of time and is expensive if you fail

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Positives: very interesting, learning a lot, need this information as it is necessary for daily life skills
Negatives: can be tricky, statistics are involved, need a lot of time and effort for this course!

My advice to future students is: Psyc...

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Positive: broad range of subjects, broad range of career prospects

My advice to future students is: study hard, if you don't understand in first year, look it up because it will come back to you in third year

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The facilities and tools available to students are expansive and work to make student simple and efficient. If you need help there are a myriad of options ready for you.

A negative, however, would be that many classes and lectures start quite ...

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• interesting subject matter
• intellectually challenging
• practical experience is available
• degree opens up a wide range of options post-graduation

• 5-year course
• High volume of reading and assessments


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Positive is that it is quite interesting learning about the human mind, cognitive processes even for those that are not into biology

My advice to future students is: Be ready for a lot of statistics. But don't give up it's definitely worth it a...

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I thought the course structure was good with plenty of majors to choose. The tutes can be hit and miss. Often there'll be a lot of time spent on listening to presentations rather than further learning into the material.

My advice to future stud...

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