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Some more about Macquarie University

Macquarie University is based in the north-west suburb of Macquarie Park in Sydney.

We have a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate reviews from students of Macquarie. These cover a range of topics like Arts, Law, Business, Education, Engineering & Science, Health and IT.

Here's some of the common tips and advice we hear from our students reviews:
Make sure you check out the campus and figure out how you're going to get there - some courses will have attendance checks;
Do your research and understand what you want to study and what a course will deliver you;
Study what you're interested in;
Choose your subjects / electives carefully.
Keep up to date with homework and tutorial tasks;

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I couldn't recommend this enough

Loved learning new concepts of accounting

Some teachers should provide more/better feedback

Completed in 2017

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I really liked this course. There were some elements that probably should be thought through more / updated / taught differently.

There are elements of the course that prepare you for work, but some which I probably wont look at or use again.

Completed in 2016

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Excellent teachers, facilities and overall learning environment,
Language barriers present amongst a few teachers and students, school management (delays etc)

My advice to future students is: Study hard, make use of all available resources, attend classes, communication with peers is key

Completed in 2019

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I was able to learn a little bit about a whole range of commerce subjects however my major was accounting and I feel that the course did not cover enough of that. It was mostly theoretical and when i graduated I struggled to find an accounting position without any software experience. There was no mention of anything like MYOB or Xero which is so important in this day and age.

My advice to future students is: Read the course outline - and read JD's for potential jobs you might go for after you graduate and make sure you are learning the skills you need for the roles. If not make sure you go out there and get additional training.

Completed in 2015

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Positives: Positive aspect include accounting units having good informative tutors. Assignments are help with knowledge.
University campus is amazing, especially the library.

Negatives: - As a commerce unit you are required to attempt units outside of accounting.
- Finance tutors are useless (based on 4 classrs). Lack the ability to teach
- Location can be annoying especially if you live further away. Impacts mainly group assignments
- A lot of international students, with minimal english skills (can be hard to communicate in group assignments)

My advice to future students is: - look into all possible options.
- Make sure you are okay with the travel required as attendance is becoming compulsory in most subjects (can fail units)
- explore the campus multiple times

Completed in 2019

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