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Positives: Bachelor of Business; there was a wide variety of subjects offered which was a benefit as I could study what I was really interested in. there was also a great variety of majors/minors to choose from. these included finance, management, international management, accounting, marketing, human resources. I completed international management and had over 5 electives in this major. I really enjoyed this aspect of the course. The course has given me the knowledge and skills to be able to work for an international corporation, I learnt the basics of all areas of business, and also learnt these areas specific to international management which I found really helpful in understanding the content.

Negatives: negative aspect were the assessment tasks, a lot of the assessments were group assignments, which were difficult to complete as there were many international students of minimal English speaking background, there were also issues of organising group meetings and delegating tasks and having each team member input equally. nearly every subject I completed, had a group assignment. another negative to this is that assessment scores weren't based solely on my personal experience but rather the group in total which I found a bit unfair as it was not a reflect on my personal performance.

My advice to future students is: do lots of research on universities, see which one offers the best course structure suited to your interests. Complete electives based on future career interests, it will help with your career later on. complete group assignments to the best of your ability and make sure to review assessments before submissions if any team members have difficulties with the English language

Completed in 2014

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Positives: It was great to be able to study locally and the lecturers were mostly local people with real business experience which was useful and relatable.

Negatives: Limited course options at that campus

My advice to future students is: Use the resources the uni makes available to you because it will help you become more employable when you finish your course. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from them

Completed in 2011

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Positives: Some positive aspects of the course are the lecturers! They are great at what they do, very informative and helpful! There classes and subjects are well structured in parallel to the course outline and goals.

Negatives: Some classes clashed with my personal schedule, but that’s a personal negative factor. As you would get in any course, a lot of work to do but that is well expected also.

My advice to future students is: Do your research well with other universities on offer. But I highly recommend La Trobe University (none bias) to do your Business studies. Think carefully about the subjects and specialisation you choose in the post years as going back will set you back in time instead of fast track. Learnt from my mistakes. Do what your told, and you will succeed in this course pretty comfortably.

Completed in 2014

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Positives: It’s helpful

Negatives: Boring

My advice to future students is: Choose your passion

Completing in 2020

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Positives: All the instructors are very professional and well experienced, the campus is very big and the library facilities, especially online are very good. No complains about the course structure, all the core subjects are great and they have a good application in the market, and we have a wide range of electives to pick.

Negatives: Though the campus is very big and it has a lot of options to eat, I think the library is a bit small in comparison with the amount of students. I also don't like the fact the parking is paid, I don't think university should gather money applying car park fees (considering the car park are very distant) and the fees are expensive as well

My advice to future students is: Have a chat with current students and check their opinion about the university, visit the campus before you enroll and feel which one makes you feel as at home. Check the price of the courses and make sure the cost is gonna be worthy in the future and don't be afraid to ask them as much information as you can, about the univeristy, the policy, the campus, scholarships, what they offer that no other university will offer you...

Completed in 2019

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Positives: The big reason why I choose La Trobe University is because they recognized my previous studies, all the 8 subjects, while other universities were recognizing only 4. This kind of partnership is a huge plus! Another aspect is the university awareness, many employees are attracted to students that come from big universities rather than smaller and less popular. In regards to my course I like the way we can choose so many different electives and it makes the course more interested, also the fact all the lectures are recorded and majority of the course material is uploaded online, then we can catch up with the subject from home if needed.

Negatives: I don't think Latrobe structure meets the needs of the professors. There are some classrooms that there is no computer, nowadays, the use of a computer for the professors are essential. Also, the classes that have projector, does not have a white board, or a projector covers a white board when displayed, it seems silly, but it does affect us during the class. Also, some classes are too short and we have no room for questions or suggestion.

My advice to future students is: To evaluate well the university structure, its location, because Latrobe in Bundoora has a difficult access of you are using a public transport. Especially for international students, double check if the uni provides any support to you (since you are paying a huge amount of course fees). Before you choose the course, check all the core subjects and make sure you are fine with those ones, many times I doubt myself if I was doing the right course. Also, check the rank of universities in Australia, sometimes the best uni in Australia is just next to you and you are not taking this advantage. And more than anything check how the market is reacting towards your university, the level of people employed that studied in the same institution than you. At the end, we are all studying for a better future!

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The core subjects cover a wide range of fields like HR, Invest, Finance etc.

Negatives: Lack of practical sides, such as how to specifically carry out a procedure in activity

My advice to future students is: Studying while working part-time and try to apply what you learn in your real working place

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The course covers different subjects of Accounting and provides a level of academic knowledge to get students ready for their accounting career. Some subjects incorporates practical projects and teaches students about using accounting software like MYOB

Negatives: Some of the subjects are not really relevant to the course, especially the foundation subjects like Management and Marketing, which I felt like a waste of time as my main concern is Accounting

My advice to future students is: Master of Accounting from La Trobe university is a well-designed course for student with a bachelor background in Business/Commerce to enhance their knowledge in accounting/finance field. Each Accounting subject has a quite balance between theory and practice and students have many opportunities to engage in group assignments/projects. Upon completing the course, students complete some of the foundation subjects for CPA if they want to pursue accounting professionally in the future. Highly recommended course from La Trobe university.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: It’s not many days which means I can still work whilst studying, it’s not located in the city which means there isn’t much traffic getting to and from there and they have a flexible timetable which allows me to suit my studies

Negatives: The things I learn aren’t really relevant to me and I don’t enjoy being there because of it. I find it hard to wrap my head around the concepts and find it hard to get help

My advice to future students is: Try to get a tutor

Completed in 2019

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Positives: Compare to other universities, getting admission in La Trobe is quicker and easier.
Many people see accounting as a boring subject but in La Trobe university, professors try to make an interesting atmosphere in the class by providing different thoughtful activities that can motivate students.

Overall, quality of accounting teachers are great. They have amazing teaching methods mix of theory and practice like analyzing financial statements in group activities that can improve students critical thinking.
Also subjects include marketing & economics that are helpful for grasping other aspects of business.

During the course students learn how accounting standards affect the financial reporting process and they learn how to read income statements, balance sheets & cash flows which they can apply these skills in a real world of business.

Lecture videos that are provided through student portal are very entertaining and well-explained.
Also teachers are very friendly, they approach each student to make sure that they have provided maximum of learning support.
Teachers in class, give real examples of financial problems in the world and by that make students to be able to set a better connection between the concepts learned and the places they appear in the real world.
Last week of each semester there is a review of the whole subjects that is a great method for remembering everything learned during the semester.
Professors clearly invest significant amount of time developing subjects throughout the whole course and each semester consist of a lot of impressive online lessons and no mark tests.
Generally the course material is well prepared.

Negatives: There are a lot of learning materials in a short amount of time.
Each subject in a day is for just 1 hr that teachers even make it shorter for about 45 minutes or less. So students pay high fees for the shorter period of teaching and totally the course for 2 years is expensive.

In the building there are counselling centers for checking cv and helping students for their future career which is not helpful. they just provide very basic information and ask students to search online. Checking resumes are not professional.
For finding accounting jobs you need to learn softwares like Myob and Xero which in the course there is no learning materials about the softwares.

My advice to future students is: Before applying for accounting read exactly what the universities offer and ask as much question as you can about the course.
check out the teachers profiles in the linkedin to see their skills and experiences.
and see how successful were their graduates and were they are working now.
what is the process of exams and assignments and the level of hardship also check the ranking of university.

For accounting a great interest in math and finance is required.

Completed in 2017

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