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Positives: Well designed course with good lab content

Negatives: Class size

My advice to future students is: Make friends

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The courses are well run. Lectures are very approachable and will offer assistance where possible. The university environment is quite comfortable, some courses require little to no extra work whilst other require your full commitment. You are enc...

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Positives: Get practical experience with electronic circuits. Debug and build up circuits.

Negatives: Lots of topics are not covered which must be included for masters.

My advice to future students is: Must have basic knowledge of circuits a...

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I thought the positive were the different kinds of practical work you can do and therefore the problem solving skills you learn along the way.

On the negatives, some of the subjects and assessments were really challenging

My advice to futur...

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Positive thing of the course is it has a lot of value in Australia and Griffith uni is one of the best for the in engineering infrastructure.

Negative thing is the fee of griffith is high compared to other unis

My advice to future students i...

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The benefit of this course is it gives you the ability to make the products you design. It makes you more aware of how people interact with the world around them.

Downside (to some) is that there’s electrical and mechanical engineering. So you...

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As a negative I would like some of my teachers to be more hands on but over all most of my teachers were very good and I loved the degree

My advice to future students is: Make sure you know what your course involves before taking it. I was in e...

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