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Positives: - interesting however the course is new and has been poorly executed

Negatives: Poor execution, small cohort, prior knowledge required but not explicitly stated

My advice to future students is: Please do not do this degree

Completed in 2019

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Positives: I really enjoy the uni’s approach on how to tackle uni, for a first year they really take the time to make sure you’re okay and keeping up. The campus is small enough so you can move between classes quickly and it’s in an awesome location. The uni also has a very well set up enrolment system. Design specifically is really broad and covers every aspect of the things I want to study. First year courses are really good for making friends and building groups. Design is really hands on with enough research content that it can be suited to anyone. Since it’s an art degree the marking scheme isn’t so boxed in and you can be as free with your designs as the assessment allows

Negatives: I personally don’t like that everything is due close together, they don’t give you enough time to judge who should and shouldn’t be in your group

My advice to future students is: I would say give it a go, design honestly has so many opportunities and it’s a growing industry that opens opportunities to future careers and possibilities. Griffith are exceptionally well thought out for their enrolment process and they care and look after your well being.

Completing in 2021

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I also completed my Honours.

Positive: great teachers, good facilities (for painting. Not so good for other facilities) small classes. Lots of one on one with tutors. Traditional approach to art techniques with contemporary and historical context.

Negatives: cost cutting. Some of the best professors leaving because they don't like changes. Don't hire enough supervisors for hons students. (I got assigned a design supervisor rather than a fine art supervisor) removed the art store from our campus. Now there is no supply store on campus. No where to even get pens. Small cafe with over priced food of average quality.

My advice to future students is: A fine art degree doesn't guarantee you a job at the end but, in a competitive industry like fine art, a degree is a necessity in order to have a chance. Follow your passion and you won't regret it

Completed in 2018

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This course gives you a lot of free rein which is great if you don't know what you really want to focus in on creatively. But on the other hand, perhaps it gives us too much free rein. Plus employees don't look too fondly upon a Bachelor of Creative Industries.

My advice to future students is: Definitely try and figure out what you want to do because if you do such a broad degree, you may not get very far career wise.

Completed in 2015

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It’s very flexible and interesting but sometimes is hard to understand

My advice to future students is: To be organized from the start

Completing in 2020

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- I learned a lot of the basics
- was forced to put work into focusing on what I wanted to do everyday
- made friends with like minded people
- gave me a strong start

- beyond the basics, the end of my degree felt like it was teaching me very little
- could have learned everything quicker than it tought it
- leads to some very like minded thinking rather than thinking outside the box

My advice to future students is: If you’re going to study tertiary learning. Put the time in and make the most of it. Otherwise it’s not worth doing

Completed in 2015

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Positives and negatives in the music course are specific to the instrument departments.

Within the saxophone department there is a lack of leadership which hurts the course experience for the students and while it does promote more independent learning in the students it makes working through roadblocks more challenging than may be necessary. The woodwind department is full of eager and talented students to work with.

My advice to future students - Attend music events and camps specific to your instrument around Australia if you can afford it, overseas. Also travel to have lessons with teachers around the country if possible.

Doing these things will give you an idea of who you'd like to learn from and what places you'd like to study at. If you go through a course with a teacher you don't like it will leave you uninspired and you will most likely find it hard to understand their advise.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: performance opportunities, networking opportunities, access to resources.
Negatives: lacking structure, flexibility and versatility.

My advice to future students - Make sure you fully research your course area and teaching staff before you commit

Completed in 2017

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