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Positive it is very interesting and covers many aspects of the mind and how the brain work

Negative it has no practical aspect

My advice to future students is: To try not think about the big picture of things and concentrate on what you need to do in the now rather then the future

Completed in 2017

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Negative - undergrad psych is very theory based, no practical skills.

Positive - very interesting, good lecturers and tutors

My advice to future students is: Know you need to do more than the three years of undergrad psych to actually become a psychologist before you start

Completed in 2018

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Interesting and engaging content

Griffith University’s introduction of trimesters has condensed course content

My advice to future students is:
-Have a realistic and achievable study/work/life balance
-be involved in university events and activities
-enjoy your time at University

Completed in 2018

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I found it very positive and insightful degree, I found Criminology had a lot of aspects that offered job opportunities and had a thorough support for their students

I feel like they never heavily implemented or communicated how important grades are for psychology students who want to pursue further study (eg master or PhD).

I think in the psychology sector they also didn’t offer a lot of opportunities to extra curriculum work or it wasn’t advertised well enough

My advice to future students is: Look into potential job opportunities in the career you want to study as I found most students do a course then don’t find work

Completed in 2019

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Course introduction good and assessments explained clearly. Availability of lecturers not good. Expect work to be done to a higher standard than taught at school. High school has not prepared me for Uni.

My advice to future students is: Get assistance early on so you can be on top of your work. Make sure you are on the right track.

Completing in 2020

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Positive - while seemingly different fields of study, many of the topics covered overlap between degrees which aids in understanding. The Criminology Student Society (CSS) is a brilliant way to meet people from your degree and gives you the chance to tour prisons, police academies, and attend lectures from professionals within the criminal justice field. As an excelling student, you are accepted into the Academic Criminology Excellence Society (ACES) and are able to have lunch with professionals and also attend lectures/conferences unavailable to others. There is also the opportunity to qualify for the Criminology Undergraduate Research Internship Program (CURIP) to give you practical research experience with an academic at Griffith University as a precursor to Honours or a career in research. Psychology combines the science and social aspects of the field well across multiple courses. Both degrees re-visit earlier topics in later courses to provide background and clarification. The assignments are tailored appropriately to what will be expected of you in further post-graduate study or a career where written work is required. These degrees teach you to be critical thinkers, how to write analytically and objectively, how to conduct research and compile this research in a laboratory report, how to apply learned knowledge across other disciplines, etc.

Negative -
As I started in 2015, courses that are now compulsory for psychology students commencing in 2018 were not available to me (for example, ‘counselling skills’). There are limited options for more practical courses to prepare you for Honours or work after the 3-year bachelors.
Criminology electives are extensive, yet limited to campus locations and trimesters which means some, while interesting, we’re not a possibility.
Both degrees hold Honours information evenings, but need to better prepare students and make them aware of alternative options if they wish to pursue a job after graduation

My advice to future students is: You will find yourself interested in one degree more than the other, but do not let that keep you from applying yourself in the least-preferred. Both matter. You will be receiving two degrees, so give your absolute best. Take every opportunity to learn more about your future options with a psychology and criminology degree, and take advantage of the services on offer.

Completed in 2018

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The positives are that its so easy to get help and the tutorials are very helpful for student to learn how to do the tasks and understand the content.

The negative would be more tutorials

My advice to future students is: To make sure to never miss a tutorial as its vital and hard to catch up when you miss one. The course is such a fast paced study

Completed in 2019

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It's a great use of resources with detailed lectures.

However, the course is very textbook orientated

My advice to future students is: Be on top of weekly readings to stay ahead

Completing in 2021

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This course gives you a lot of free rein which is great if you don't know what you really want to focus in on creatively. But on the other hand, perhaps it gives us too much free rein. Plus employees don't look too fondly upon a Bachelor of Creative Industries.

My advice to future students is: Definitely try and figure out what you want to do because if you do such a broad degree, you may not get very far career wise.

Completed in 2015

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Learning online can feel quite isolated. More technologies for audio texts and coarse lessons would have been great.

My advice to future students is: Go to uni full time at the campus. You’ll get it done quicker, have better support, and engagement from peers and lecturers.

Completed in 2016

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