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I studied this online.

Positives: Positive aspects about the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice through Griffith University's online course is the student societies and discussion board.
The student societies allow opportunities for networking with other people in the field, engagement with other students amd real life experiences with their prison and court tours.

The discussion board allows questions to be asked when they come to mind. This is public so other students can see and may be able to help or may have wanted to ask the same question so get the amswer there. This also allowes extra engagement opportunities between online students as sometimes onlime studying can feel lonely.

Negatives: The negative aspects of the course is that there are so many readings every week

My advice to future students is: A piece of advice i would offer future potential students is to have really goos time management and keep on top of your studies because it is hard to catch up

Completing in 2020

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Positives: The course is challenging in all the right ways, rewarding you with practical knowledge for your degree and future careers. Time and experience in laboratories for a lot of the chemistry subjects and opportunities to visit cadaver labs for biology based classes. The course can be used as a direct route to Doctor of Medicine study if you have the right GPA or get you into work as a healthcare scientist. It is a degree that is both full of practical knowledge and hands on experience.

Negatives: The negative aspects are in the lack of interactivity of the classes, with a large portion of the courses material given through lectures there isn't much of a dynamic style of teaching which can leave those with different learning styles behind or just generally feeling bored throughout the learning experience.

My advice to future students is: My best advice would be to begin studying each subject and lecture the day you have them. Don't let them pile up and try to cram because a vast majority of the classes in this course are content heavy and require you to have an in depth knowledge of both the concepts and ideas of the subject and be able to apply them in theoretical and clinical examples. As well as this, keeping up to date and studying each class and lecture as it comes will help you learn your other subjects as a lot of them mesh together in terms of the content

Completed in 2019

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Positives: The course was well organised and Griffith University is known for having an excellent applied psychology program. Griffith is an extremely inclusive and friendly environment to be in and most of the lecturers and tutors for my psychology subjects were incredible academics and great teachers. It was easy to make friends and study in groups and we had an amazing peer study sessions.

Negatives: At times, there were some disorganised moments in regards to classes, assessments and receiving marks back in a timely fashion. Occasionally, lecturers, however intelligent they were, lacked teaching skills, which made it hard to learn and understand concepts. There was sometimes discrepancies in what was taught during semester and what was actually on the exams, which caused a bit of frustration for students.

My advice to future students is: To go to class and take as many notes as you can by listening to the lecturers. Quite often they mention important things that aren't written in the lecture notes or textbook. Remember they're the ones who write the exams, so there is always some sneaky hidden information in their lectures!

Completed in 2017

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Positives: 1. The course covers all bases. As well as the main Studio courses, we learn about architectural history, basic engineering, environmental science, and sustainability. The added electives allow students to tailor the course to their specific interests as well, which is something I really value. 2. We get a lot of hands on experience. Many of our studio projects have involved real-life proposals for competitions or projects. We also participate in a lot of activities in the community, which helps inform the design process. 3. The staff are really knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. Uni can be tough, especially during first year, and they always made sure that it was a positive environment.

Negatives: 1. The workload can be very intense. We have limited mandatory contact hours, so a lot of people assume it's going to be a breeze, but to get the work done takes a lot of extra studio time and dedication. There are weeks where myself and my classmates are there working from early morning to late at night. The stereotypes about architects never seeing the light of day are pretty accurate, especially around crit time.

My advice to future students is: You are going to get a lot of feedback on your ideas, and it won't all be positive. It can be hard, but learning to view your work from someone else's perspective is really helpful and makes critiques waaay less intimidating.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Getting to go on prac early was great. Even though it’s just observational, the fact that we get to actually get into the school in our first year is unique to Griffith and I think it helps solidify that this is the degree and career I want to pursue.

Negatives: Sometimes it feels like the tutors and their marking is incredibly unbalanced. Some classes will excel with subpar assignments whilst great assignments are marked quite harshly. Trimesters aren’t great for work/life balance either.

My advice to future students is: Sign up and stick it out until at least the end of trimester two. That way you get to see how the degree will help you get into a school and if it’s worth the whole studying process.

Completed in 2019

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I majored in Accounting.

Positives: Flexible class hours when choosing my time table

Negatives: Lots of tests

My advice to future students is: Study groups/ friends to take notes when not in class

Completed in 2008

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Positives: Lecturers were great. They were polite, helpful and made the classroom fun. Prac was also great.

Negatives: Lots of speeches! Little practical involvement, felt as if majority of what I was learning was irrelevant.

My advice to future students is: Constantly check your emails! Sadly notifications aren’t connected to your normal emails so unless you check frequently you’ll miss out on lots of information.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The course content is comprehensive - providing an excellent grounding in social work theory and also practice. The teaching staff are also excellent, very helpful and friendly. I loved this course and found it prepared me very well for employment as a social worker.

Negatives: A couple of the units were much larger than others, however I generally found the teaching staff open to negotiation over the assessments when respectfully approached.

My advice to future students is: I highly recommend this course. It’s often fully booked and if you secure a place, you won’t regret it and will get an excellent grounding in social work theory and what it is like to practice as a social worker, including in direct practice with individuals and groups, and non direct practice areas such as policy and advocacy.

Completed in 2013

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Positives: I find all the tutors, lectures and course convenors super helpful. There are great assurance programs offered to get high grades called PASS sessions which are run really well and when doing these I nearly always achieve a 6 or 7. I also find that assessment items are thoroughly explained and lots of preparation is given before you are expected to start each assessment.

Negatives: It is quite boring and repetitive. Most of the subjects I am doing now in 3rd year are extremely similar. I dislike having trimesters also as sometimes it can feel like assessment items are rushed to get them all done before the trimester is over and then if you don’t do trimester 3 you have a massive 5 month holiday at the end of the year (which seems like a good thing but it’s just a bit too long of a break).

My advice to future students is: Definitely make the most of all the PASS sessions you can!

Completed in 2018

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I'm studying primary education.

Positives: We can specialise in a certain area of teaching. If we want to pursue a sports teaching role or music for example we can do extra stuff in that area

Negatives: The work load seems to all come at once instead of being spread out

My advice to future students is: Volunteer or do some coaching with children first to see if you like it, lots of people drop out after doing their first practical placement

Completed in 2017

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