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Griffith University ratings

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What we hear about Griffith University

Griffith University has 5 campuses in sunny South East Queensland including Gold Coast, Nathan, Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank. Both the Gold Coast and Nathan have higher attendances by students.

While it is not often seen as having the reputation as other South East Queensland Universities, Griffith seems to be liked overall by students via our reviews and ratings across most measures.

Some of the top advice from student reviews include getting involved in the University (groups & societies), make friends for group work and try to utilise lecturers and tutors to help with industry experience.

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Definitely a very informative course but would recommend some background knowledge of the law before hand!

Completed in 2019

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I really enjoyed learning in certain units but some units seemed extremely disorganised and the assignments made no sense. The units I did enjoy were very involved, including having guest speakers in every week.

My advice to future students is: Plan ahead, keep a diary and make a timetable including your classes, when you need to study, when you need to work on assignments and other commitments.

Completed in 2017

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The positive aspects of the course were the guest speakers that we had each week, the courses information such as textbooks and other materials were really in depth. Negative aspects were the disorganisation as well as limited help towards students from lecturers and sometimes while courses were in depth they could be hard to come by easily

My advice to future students is: Time management is a big one, learn to plan ahead, timetables and what not are good ways to stay in line and not fall behind

Completed in 2017

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Positives: I get to learn about criminal behaviour and equip myself with real world skills and experience for criminal justice agencies

Negatives: There is a lot of topics such as child abuse that can be disturbing but necessary

My advice to future students is: It's not for everyone, it can be confronting but is extremely worthwhile

Completed in 2019

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Positives: Lecturers are mostly helpful, answers online get responded to pretty quickly

Negatives: Some of the subjects are extremely boring/ do not seem like they are needed. And some of the tutors are not good at all

My advice to future students is: Make sure you ask questions

Completed in 2019

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Positives: The course provides very interesting content and I enjoy learning about the criminal justice system and what criminals do

Negatives: The classes are spread out a lot during the week and the assessment load is weird

My advice to future students is: Do not leave assignments to the last minute because you will put yourself under a lot of stress

Completed in 2018

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I studied this online.

Positives: Positive aspects about the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice through Griffith University's online course is the student societies and discussion board.
The student societies allow opportunities for networking with other people in the field, engagement with other students amd real life experiences with their prison and court tours.

The discussion board allows questions to be asked when they come to mind. This is public so other students can see and may be able to help or may have wanted to ask the same question so get the amswer there. This also allowes extra engagement opportunities between online students as sometimes onlime studying can feel lonely.

Negatives: The negative aspects of the course is that there are so many readings every week

My advice to future students is: A piece of advice i would offer future potential students is to have really goos time management and keep on top of your studies because it is hard to catch up

Completing in 2020

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Positives: the course is online, so its easy to access. you work from the comfort of your home, library, or wherever you chose to be away from distractions, such as other students in tutorials & lectures.

Negatives: its hard if you feel the need to speak to a lecturer, as you cant talk in person, but only through email, and on rare occasion by phone. everything is online, so you miss out on the famous ""university experience"" of campus life and all that.

My advice to future students is: university is much more independent and harder than high school, take your study seriously. this is your future career. many people choose to pay for university through hecs, so choose something you wouldnt mind having debt for thats taken out of your earnings.

Completing in 2022

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