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Griffith University ratings

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What we hear about Griffith University

Griffith University has 5 campuses in sunny South East Queensland including Gold Coast, Nathan, Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank. Both the Gold Coast and Nathan have higher attendances by students.

While it is not often seen as having the reputation as other South East Queensland Universities, Griffith seems to be liked overall by students via our reviews and ratings across most measures.

Some of the top advice from student reviews include getting involved in the University (groups & societies), make friends for group work and try to utilise lecturers and tutors to help with industry experience.

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Positives: Well organised for students to study online like I did. I gained very specific skills. Some of the tutors were fantastic.

Negatives: Inconsistent grading. For example, a few tutors marked very low compared to most tutors, even though my work was of a consistent standard.

My advice to future students is: If studying online like I did, use the support groups established by students on Facebook.

Completed in 2017

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Learning online can feel quite isolated. More technologies for audio texts and coarse lessons would have been great.

My advice to future students is: Go to uni full time at the campus. You’ll get it done quicker, have better support, and engagement from peers and lecturers.

Completed in 2016

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Positives: One of the best things about the course was the flexibility that it offered. I opted to study remotely via Open Universities, which allowed me to work full-time whilst studying, rather than having to work in part-time employment around scheduled classes.

I was able to complete the degree, which usually takes three years to complete, in just one year.

Negatives: I do not think that the course was particularly useful or worth the $20,000 I paid to study it in terms of employment prospects. I did not think that good industry contacts were provided, nor did the content reflect the current state of today's media industry.

I went on to secure my own employment at a local newspaper (as the university was unsuccessful in providing me with any kind of support in securing employment or an internship). When I started work at the paper, I learned that a lot of the information I was taught in the course (for example, style) was completely inaccurate compared to what is expected in the real world.

Although some of the units were somewhat hands-on and practical, there were a lot that were mandatory and yet completely irrelevant to the communications industry.

My advice to future students is: I would probably suggest that future students consider bypassing the degree and aiming to get into journalism by securing a work experience or internship placement first, and getting into full-time employment that way.

Completed in 2017

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