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Some info on Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University (ECU) has 2 campuses in Perth, Mount Lawley and Joondalup as well as a regional campus located in Bunbury, south of Perth.

According to our 2018 University rankings, ECU ranks #5. We have a range of Edith Cowan University reviews across different undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as different topics, including Arts, Engineering, IT, Commerce, Science and Health.

Based on the ECU student reviews that we've collected, here's some advice for future students:
Prepare your week, be organised and don't fall behind or leave things to the last minute;
Consider the Uni prep course, it will give you a better understanding than school does;
If you can, look for opportunities to work in your industry while studying, it's better to grow a network before you finish;
Utilise the teaching staff/faculties - ask questions, understand better and find out about placement opportunities;
Don't cram - try to study during the term session;
Make use of the student support services & systems;
If there's an industry trip or networking night, make sure you go, ask questions and get peoples contact details.

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Positives: We get practical experience in conducting dietetic consultations

Negatives: Because there are a lot of grey areas in nutrition different tutors/lecturers expect different answers in some aspects when it comes to assignments

My adv...

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Positives: The positives of my course is that not many people do it, giving me a competitive edge in the industry

Negatives: The negatives are that you can only do it in Perth on campus. There is no course flexibility for those with full time j...

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Positives: The course provides opportunity to work in multiple states in Australia, and internationally. Most of the lectures and tutors have on road experience in the Paramedic field both in Australia and Internationally, meaning that everything ...

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Positives: It is relevant to society today. There are many different opportunities in the industry. There is heaps of support available

Negatives: A lot of the units cover the same concepts so it seems like repeating a unit over and over just w...

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Positives: I need to stand out in a competitive market. Community service, volunteering, mentoring, membership in club or society, leadership positions (secretary, treasurer, president etc.) are all viewed very favourably by employers. I will ta...

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Positives: as a first year student i have access to peer mentors and i find that is a great help. also i have found volunteering is a great way to meet and engage with other peers throughout the university

Negatives: my schedule, i would prefer...

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Positives: It's a small course (only accepts 25 people a year), so it's a very tight-knit and supportive environment. It's also very well structured, providing a broad practical knowledge of business skills and the arts industry (it's arts managem...

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Positives: The teaching quality, support and learning content

Negatives: Lack of job prospects and not made aware of the lack jobs

My advice to future students: Check job prospects and ensure you know what you want to do at the end of your d...

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Positives: - Small field and cohort; build relationships with people.
- practical and fascinating course, every changing so you do not get bored, lots of hands on experience.

Negatives: - some units were changing therefore some teaching method...

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The course I am taking is master of engineering major in civil. The best aspect of this course is that it will give us vast knowledge in engineering products and markets there by helping us move forward in our career. However, as the course is ge...

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