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Deakin University reviews

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Deakin University ratings

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A little bit about Deakin

The major campus for Deakin is in Burwood, a suburb in Melbourne. Deakin also has Waurn Ponds & Waterfront campuses in Geelong as well as a Warrnambool campus.

We have reviews across a range of topics, with plenty across humanities, law, business, education, health and science.

Some of the advice that students give in their reviews include:
participate in any group you can (class, clubs, society, etc);
making friends makes group work easier;
ask as many questions to tutors and lecturers, course advisors, etc;
get into university life as much as you can;
watch out for parking;
don't forget, you're there to study and grades can matter for grad positions.

You can find out more about how Deakin is as a uni by reading the reviews below.

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I find Uni.. Overall a positive experience, but not a ticket to a job - you must seek outside/adjunct opportunities to really succeed.

Positives: Good quality academic staff/materials, excellent campus facilities, good internship/travel abroad ...

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Positives: The course provides a good variety of interesting and applicable classes that prepare me for employment

Negatives: I find that sometimes there is a lack of communication in terms of what is required of me

My advice to future stude...

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Positives: - the friends you make along the way - i have made so many friends for life with the same interests that i have which is great
- placement - all the lives you can impact in such a short amount of time really drives you to want to finis...

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Positives: Able to apply better communication in real working industry

Negatives: Too much reading

My advice to future students is: Decide carefully what u love to do

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Positives: It gives you alot of hands on experience in each of my units. We are required to do alot of discussion and work from our own thoughts and ideas

Negatives: My university doesnt provide the best favilities for certain units within the ...

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I'm majoring in Information Systems.

Positives: Give me an opportunity to work in an industry I like

Negatives: Competive course so one needs go be on top of their game at all times

My advice to future students is: The amount of commitmen...

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Positives: It gives me the qualification to attain my ambition as a economists and gives me insight to the real world situation of how my job would pan out and what is expected of me. The provider itself very easy to work with, no confusions when ...

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Positives: This course was very engaging and the different units varied in levels of difficulty. There was also a broad range of subjects - touching on topics such as child development to biological psychology. All of which were very interesting a...

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Positives: Just being able to learn about a whole lot of new things in the legal world

Negatives: Readings

My advice to future students is: Start early, get up to date with everything and don’t fall behind

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Positives: Making friends and a relaxed campus environment

Negatives: Big workload

My advice to future students is: Make friends and do your assignments early

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