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I'm majoring in Fine Arts and doing this online via Open Universities Australia.

Positives: Excellent online delivery. Remarkable organisation of learning exercises to achieve individual skill development. Ready access to tutors and personal en...

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I'm studying this online through Open Universities.

Positives: The teachers are approachable and encourage an active learning through the online discussion boards. There are no exams, only written assignments or presentations. The units are var...

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Positives: Psychology is a very interesting and broad subject to study. The content is delivered in an interactive and fun way which makes you enjoy the subject a lot more. There is a lot of support within this course from peers, older students an...

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Positives: The teachers are well motivated, experiences and are hard working. The course was interesting with the good units mixed in with one that aren't so great like stats, so each semester was balanced. The uni life is also amazing.


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I majored in History.

Positives: Most positive is there are no exams. That it allows me the flexibility to studying fully online from home. Great for full time workers and mum.

Negatives: Group assessment tasks online are near impossible to ...

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Positives: Fun learning environment as well as practical learning to prepare you for actual working environment.

Negatives: Nothing out of the ordinary. A lot of planning and teamwork required.

My advice to future students is: Stick to your ...

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I'm doing a screen arts major

Positives: Full on practical work

Negatives: Trusting the student to understand a role without giving workshops

My advice to future students is: Take out of class workshops to develop your skills

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Positives: Getting to network and meeting industry professionals who can help grow your career

Negatives: The difficulty in breaking into a high earning job market.

My advice to future students is: To start networking early and make use of u...

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Positives: The one thing positive about this course is that you get to use industry equipment to learn. It’s good to have people in the industry with experience to also teach you so that if you get into the industry properly most things won’t be n...

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Positive aspects: It is a fun and enjoyable course if you want to learn more about human interactions.

Negative aspects: When I was in my fourth year I only realised I still have to complete another 2 years of masters and internship in order t...

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