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Positives: The one thing positive about this course is that you get to use industry equipment to learn. It’s good to have people in the industry with experience to also teach you so that if you get into the industry properly most things won’t be n...

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Positive aspects: It is a fun and enjoyable course if you want to learn more about human interactions.

Negative aspects: When I was in my fourth year I only realised I still have to complete another 2 years of masters and internship in order t...

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The positive aspects of this course is that in second and third year the university organise placements for the students. Students get to choose their preferences (e.g. working in a private setting or hospital). I really enjoyed my placements beca...

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Positives: The faculty is very supportive, the practical components of the course compliment the theory very well. The course also involved prac work which is super helpful for gaining much needed industry experience.

Negatives: Some of the tes...

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Positives: Most of the lecturers and tutors have actually worked in the construction industry and been involved in a number of large projects, so they’re able to give us a real world understanding of how things work and not just how the books say...

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Positives: It helps your prepare for uni

Negatives: It’s a lot of hard work but hey that’s what uni is like

My advice to future students is: Time management!!

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Positives: First year content is really fun, mixed in with people from other health science degrees not just your own.

Negatives: There can be some gaps between lecture content and workshop content which is annoying

My advice to future stude...

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I'm doing Business Law.

Positives: Mostly online, only have to go to campus for assessments which means I can study and work full time

Negatives: Because it’s mostly online I have to be very strict on myself to do the work

My advice to fu...

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Positives: It is challenging and interesting as it provides an insight into the human body and world and allows us to view things from a different perspective. Although it does get very hard, it is interesting learning the content so it isn’t all ...

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Positives: It is fun
I get a degree from it
I enjoy what I chose

Negatives: It is very difficult
I have trouble with the maths
It is very time consuming (not enough time to have fun)

My advice to future students is: If you don’t love it ...

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