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Positives: The university has a lot of agreements with companies, so you have many opportunities to do a good internship, during your studies there are some units that offer interesting field trips to the northern mines and to the important constr...

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Positives: It is very challenging....the faith of the company depends on this department

Negatives: Often underrated 😌

My advice to future students is: Enjoy

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Positives: The people you meet and possibly the lecturers

Negatives: Workload

My advice to future students is: Study hard, work efficiently

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I majored in Public relations

Positives: -nice staff
-good learning material
-fun classes

Negatives: -no help after graduating
-no real job prospects

My advice to future students is: To choose a career that is more in demand, as gradua...

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Positives: The teachers are well motivated, experiences and are hard working. The course was interesting with the good units mixed in with one that aren't so great like stats, so each semester was balanced. The uni life is also amazing.


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I majored in History.

Positives: Most positive is there are no exams. That it allows me the flexibility to studying fully online from home. Great for full time workers and mum.

Negatives: Group assessment tasks online are near impossible to ...

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Positives: It combines both computer science and some computer engineering aspects. It is a very engaging course and the instructors are willing to work with you if you put in the effort, get to know them, and are honest.

Negatives: How people ...

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Positives: Fun learning environment as well as practical learning to prepare you for actual working environment.

Negatives: Nothing out of the ordinary. A lot of planning and teamwork required.

My advice to future students is: Stick to your ...

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I'm doing a screen arts major

Positives: Full on practical work

Negatives: Trusting the student to understand a role without giving workshops

My advice to future students is: Take out of class workshops to develop your skills

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Positives: Getting to network and meeting industry professionals who can help grow your career

Negatives: The difficulty in breaking into a high earning job market.

My advice to future students is: To start networking early and make use of u...

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