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Positives: - Hands on learning enabling Practical Application
- Forced attendance to most classes means no desire to skip on a day you cant be bothered
- Enjoyable content that's relatable for future careers

Negatives: The business side of m...

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Positives: Clinical placements throughout the semester and longer placements in third year to consolidate learning. Being able to experience hands on in the clinical setting to implement theory to practice

Negatives: Some units can be more rela...

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Positives: The placement we receive for the practical units, the lab classes for practise

Negatives: Weekly group questions, being only given one lecture to attend and not being able to due to being busy, when assignments aren’t explained fully...

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Positives: Tutorials generally consist of a maximum of 30 students which I find beneficial to get to know your teacher and in terms of seeking support from the lecture in charge of a unit they have been quite helpful.

Negatives: Having done a d...

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Positives: It’s very practical, we work in simulation labs and for the most part, teaching stuff are incredibly dedicated and genuinely want you to succeed

Negatives: There have been some teachers that simply haven’t provided good quality teach...

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Positives: - amazing lecturers very resourceful
- able to choose timetable to my liking
- easy to travel to

Negatives: - not easy to get help with studies
- excessive amount of content to get through
- not as much support from lecturers as...

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Positives: 1. Great placement options
2. Hands on learning
3. Great curriculum

Negatives: None so far

My advice to future students is: Do not skip on the practicals

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Positives: My university has a hight standard with delivery of the course. My university has a exemplary nursing laboratory for the the students to practice their skills.

Negatives: The course requires the students to be competitive.

My adv...

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Positives: flexible

Negatives: placements are in regional area

My advice to future students is: check the uni before enrolling

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Positives: Good job opportunity

Negatives: None

My advice to future students is: Do your best

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