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It was a very enjoyable course with plenty of opportunities for practical involvement. I found that the subjects were perfect for my majors (Media and Drama). The positive aspects of the course were the teachers and the campus itself. They were good teachers who had worked in the discipline in the past and were extremely well-versed. The units were fun and experimental, especially in drama. I was able to be creative and design my own plays, and they could be about anything. It wasn't just a Catholic institution. I learned amongst all cultures and religions and learned about them.

The negative aspects of the course were the assessments. On their own, they are assessments so they aren't going to be the most interesting thing ever, but they were just mainly poorly written and I often heard from the tutors that they weren't written up by them and sometimes they didn't translate well in practice because of this. One improvement for the course would be to really target the expression of expectations for assessments. Otherwise, I loved the course and will always remember my Media professors.

My advice to future students is: Borrow the textbooks from the library or get second hand last edition ones because there is often not enough time to really take in massive texts during the course so it would have to be outside reading and that may not be worth it especially if you're doing a one off unit that you probably won't use as much in the future.

Completed in 2015

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Some positive aspects of my course include having the opportunity to expand my writing, presentation and creative skills. There is a lot of practical work and the lecturers in charge are awesome. The free shuttle buses make it easy to get to and the online library is very helpful. I also find it to be a very broad and flexible degree.

I would say the only negative aspects are the online lectures and lack of media facilities.

My advice to future students is: Get to know the online portal and the campus well before starting.

Completed in 2019

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Positive was being able to learn multiple art mediums in a large studio environment

Negatives: were that the teaching was hit and miss,
markers aren't very subjective when marking practical work,
students are a varied bunch,
bad location

My advice to future students is: make sure you go into a course 100% committed and know that there is something at the end you want to get out of it aka a good job

Completed in 2016

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