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Positives: Provides me with an understanding of businesses, giving me fundamental knowledge for the future

Negatives: Some of the subjects are irrelative to what I want to do in the future

My advice to future students is: Choose a major which you are sure you want to stick with for the remaining years of the course

Completed in 2019

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The international student support team is inefficient in solving the queries. We were promised a lot of support initially but later it was a struggle. Since we are new to the system here, I expected better guidance.

The student counsellor is rarely available to discuss any problems leave aside the urgent ones. I got a reply after 1 week for a question that needed an ASAP solution. No one has any clue to solve our problems and we students try to solve them at our own level. If my grades don't come out fine, it will not be a wonder for me..😒

My advice to future students is: Ideally try to get in touch with previous or current uni students for help, as the college team is not that efficient. Try to form a group as soon as possible so that you can work to solve your problems together.

Completing in 2020

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1: Flexibility and diverse culture
2: Inconsistent course communication

My advice to future students is: Research what the University can provide for you

Completed in 2018

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Law is very interesting but can be a bit full on so doing commerce as well is a nice way to balance the work load. Generally the tutors are very friendly (particularly for law) and knowledgeable. So far I have only had one subject (discrimination law) which was poorly laid out otherwise my units have been very enjoyable. Another negative would be that not all lectures are recorded.

My advice to future students is: Don’t choose a degree just for the sake of it, it’s a lot of time and money to waste on something your not passionate about.

Completing in 2021

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I found this course to be interesting. Some of it is dry, but that's accounting - some group work which was interesting to work with others (both with it's challenges and benefits).

Depending on your work and aims, you may have to do further study - CA or CPA.

My advice to future students is: improves a students social skills, makes them more confident and pushes them to become inquisitive.

Completed in 2017

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The course takes about 3 years to compete. I received many credit points from my previous business related studies which reduced my time and money.

Some of the units in this course are very relaxed and some are challenging. For example, Economics was a tough subject to tackle as it required a lot of stress, research, time and study.

There are also a lot of group assignments in this course, so its easy to complete them when its distributed amongst your group members. If you are good at Powerpoint Presentations that would also serve as an advantage to complete your course in due time.

When it comes to exams, the teachers mostly cover all the content you would expect to have in your exam, which is great! Overall I would say if you want to pursue your career in Business, I would recommend to have at least a Bachelors for your career development.

My advice: Go for it! If your interested in pursuing your career in a business related field, this course would give you an accredited degree and show potential employers on your resume that you have the relevant educational qualifications.

Completed in 2019

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